Tarot Decks

I currently have three tarot decks:

Golden Tarot of Klimt – my first and most popular deck, I was instantly drawn to the luxurious reimagining of Gustav Klimt’s work.

The Goddess Tarot – initially my ‘on the go” deck, I turn to this deck when I want to channel divine feminine wisdom.

Kazanlar Tarot – a very rare deck from Hungarian artist, Emil Kazanlar, combining Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Egyptian, and Hindu themes. I use this deck for daily meditation and for an alternative approach to divination.

While these decks are distinct from one another, they all have a similar underlying feminine and artistic quality. I’ve come across quite a few decks, all very unique and lovely, but none of them speak to me as much as these. I recommend you book your reading with the deck that most calls to you!