About Me

In 2012 I had my tarot read at a party and went out and purchased my first deck the very next day; now I have been reading tarot for over 7 years. Although I’ve always had keen insight and intuition, I cannot imagine life without my cards. Tarot is a really useful tool for connecting with our inner selves.

For my 31st birthday, I offered a tarot special to fundraise money for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands after hurricanes Maria and Irma. It was a truly remarkable experience that connected me with one of my highest callings, philanthropy.

This year, at The Tree’s Fundraising Gala, despite not even being able to afford my own ticket, through tarot, I was able to donate quadruple the ticket price. It feels like I’m on to something!

If you have any ideas of ways I can similarly be of service, supporting the causes that are close to my heart, I’d love to hear from you!