Book Your Reading

The easiest way to book your tarot reading is to reach out to me using the form below.

Readings are available via: Instagram, What’s App, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. 

Individual readings are $50 for each 30 minute session. I often offer discounts and specials so check back regularly.

Tarot makes a lovely addition to any celebration. Parties and corporate events are $100/hr.

I am also available for fundraisers and raffle prizes and tarot readings make a great gift!

I currently have five tarot decks:

Golden Tarot of Klimt – my first and most popular deck, I was instantly drawn to the luxurious reimagining of Gustav Klimt’s work.

The Goddess Tarot – initially my ‘on the go” deck, I turn to this deck when I want to channel divine feminine wisdom.

Kazanlar Tarot – a very rare deck from Hungarian artist, Emil Kazanlar, combining Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Egyptian, and Hindu themes. I use this deck for daily meditation and for an alternative approach to divination.

Voyager Tarot – the newest and most futurist deck in my collection. A friend gave me a reading with this cars and I was so drawn to them I decided to get my own deck. It’s very intuitive and I highly recommend for a first time user, even though the interpretations differ slightly from the traditional Rider Waite deck.

My newest deck was a gift from a dear friend. The Salvador Dali Tarot. I’m still getting to know this deck but the imagery is quite intriguing. It feels similar to my other decks as well, but at the same time, completely different. They are probably most like my Kazanlar deck. I’m so excited to have this very special deck now in my collection.

While these decks are distinct from one another, they all have a similar underlying feminine and artistic quality. I’ve come across quite a few decks, all very unique and lovely, but none of them speak to me as much as these. I recommend you book your reading with the deck that most calls to you!


Stay Golden!